Women in Production Summit - Case Study

Women in Production Summit

The Women in Production Summit (WIPS) is a collaborative partnership of the Producers Guild of America WIN (Women’s Impact Network), WIFTA (Women in Film & Television/Atlanta), Black Women Film Network, Film Fatales, and the Alliance of Women Directors. Our mission is to make Georgia the most inclusive and women-friendly media market in the country. In the past, WIPS was run solely by one of WIFTA's board members Suzan Satterfield. For 2023, Suzan had the idea to have the summit put on by WIFTA itself! I was fortunate enough to have the founder of Film Fatales (Leah Meyerhoff) connect me with Robyn Watson (WIFTA President) and Shellie Schmals (WIFTA VP of Programming) for the planning of WIPS. I was the Social Media Manager and Event Coordinator for the summit.

Campaign Creative Strategy

My strategy for the Women in Production Summit was to utilize as many media options as I could in order to get all aspects of the Atlanta film community involved. At first we faced some challenges, as this was WIFTA's first time organizing the event themselves and we had to make sure we covered all of our bases. The previous social media accounts had also not been as active in the past year, so I had to drum up a lot of social interactions that had become silent. Throughout the process of narrowing down our speakers and panelists, I consistently made sure to research/learn more about everyone who would be presenting at the event. This helped me compile all the necessary information to share about these individuals on social media in conjunction with their corresponding personalized graphics. Without fail, I made sure to tag and connect with local film organizations and our partners for the event. This allowed me to continue the constant flow of communication and promote our event through an organic path. Overall, WIPS was an extremely empowering event. WIFTA and I produced an incredible networking event that gave hope to those facing adversity in the film industry.

Event Coordinating

On top of being the Social Media Manager for the Women in Production Summit, I was also instrumental in coordinating the logistics for the event. I worked with the Women in Film & Television Atlanta (WIFTA) board on picking the location and booking the panelists. The biggest hurdle we faced was working within a tight budget. I always want to provide people with the best experience possible, which can be very tricky at times. Thankfully through networking, Clark Atlanta University became a proud partner for the event and let us use their space. I reached out to multiple filmmakers in the community to help finalize panelists and I built criteria for each panel. For instance, I assisted WIFTA in coming up with titles for each panel, such as "Coping Skills of the Strike", "New Models of Distribution", and much more!


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Even though a majority of the WIPS social accounts hadn't been active for a very long time, we seamlessly increased our followers. These actions on social media ultimately helped propel the success of the summit to a whole other level!


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