I believe in producing great work, challenging myself, thinking outside of the box, and making lasting connections. As a media and marketing professional who is passionate about storytelling and branding, I would love the opportunity to connect people to your brand.

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Social Media Strategy

I will research social media platforms that fit your audience and develop ways to create amazing content for them. I will create a campaign tailored for your business utilizing social media strategies that will boost your overall digital footprint. This involves tasks such as identifying the target audience, researching competitors, and developing content ideas.

Developing Social Media Content

Quality content is key when it comes to social media. There are many different aspects that go into creating content that leaves a strong impact on the audience. This can range from developing content calendars, writing posts, and creating images. In order to create eye-catching content, it’s all about utilizing the right images, videos, quotes, GIFs, and memes within social media marketing. I also outsource content production by working with relevant photographers, videographers, and graphic designers.


It’s important for businesses to track the performance of their social media accounts. Tracking allows me to recognize a pattern with followers/viewers, and truly get a sense as to what is resonating with the audience (or not performing as well). As a social media professional, I monitor accounts and report on the results. This ranges from measuring engagement rates, analyzing followers' growth, and tracking conversions.

Influencer Marketing

Reaching out to influencers and building relationships is a service I offer as a social media professional. Influencer marketing is a strategy used to reach out to influential people and ask them to promote a product or service. By targeting influential people, I can increase the chances that your business will have its message heard and executed in the proper manner.

Community Management

Through community management I manage all social media platforms and handle customer service issues while keeping engagement active. This can often be a very time-consuming endeavor for businesses, so allowing me to handle this task lets businesses focus on their core branding and marketing strategies.

Crafting Blog Posts

Writing blogs (and other condensed excerpts) is an activity I take a lot of pride in. I have always had a passion for writing and crafting the perfect story. I am responsible for coming up with topics, writing posts, and including images and/or videos. This allows businesses to grow their blog following and increase website traffic. In return, I can repurpose these blogs to relevant content for social media posts.

Interested in a service but have questions? Don’t worry, I prepared a few answers.

What happens after I contact you?

You’ll get a response in 2-3 business days. I’ll ask you for more details about the project and most likely schedule a call to iron out all the details.

What platforms do you work with?

I work with key social media platforms such as Instagram, Threads, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Do you handle ads too?

At the moment I’m focusing on strategy, content creation, and community building. I could boost a post, but don’t manage and optimize ads.

Are you open for a longer contract?

Definitely. I love one-off projects, but I’m all for building meaningful partnerships, so I’m open for retainer contracts as well.

Want to work together? Drop me a message and I’ll get back to you in no time.