WGA, DGA, and SAG AFTRA Strike - Case Study

WGA, DGA, and SAG AFTRA Strike Campaign

At Film Fatales, we strive for aiding/supporting fellow artists. Throughout our presence as an organization, we have noticed strong trends when posting informative topics on areas of conversation that directly affect filmmakers within our community. One of these subjects being the on-going WGA, DGA (now settled), and SAG AFTRA strike occurring within our country. As an initiative, we knew that promoting the strike would not only educate the community, but also grow our followers/engagement in bringing more filmmakers to our social media.

Campaign Creative Strategy

For our creative strategy, I decided to continuously research/save strike related posts from members in our organization. I wanted to showcase our support for those striking on the picket line and share upcoming negotiation information from the unions/studios. It is also vital that I include a range of diversity within the strike posts. This allows for representation from all backgrounds to be present, along with various ways that artists are showing their support. Other aspects that are vital to making this campaign successful include relevant hashtags about the strike and film community. These hashtags allow individuals, who may not already follow our page, to locate our relevant content through hashtags that we post. This system results in more people engaging with our content, following us, and signing up to become members in the organization.

  • This screenshot displays some of our most successful strike-related content and also shows some of our first posts on the topic.

  • Engagement for the strike posts (that began in May) ranges from 9,000-10,000 impressions.

  • The engagement rate ranges from 11-16%

Analytic Results

May Totals
Average Data by Day for the Month of May
Followers by Day for the Month of May
Average Reach by Hashtag for the Month of May

Just in the month of May alone, we made some amazing strides.

-Daily impressions increased over 1,000%!

-Daily likes increased by 38%


To date, our WGA, DGA, and SAG AFTRA strike campaign is a huge success. As reflected in the data provided, our numbers are climbing higher and higher each passing day. We not only have supported our film community through this campaign but have also brought in more engagement and members!