Tribeca Industry Cocktail Event - Case Study

Tribeca Industry Cocktail Event

Film Fatales has always collaborated with multiple film festivals across the globe (Tribeca, Cannes, SXSW, etc). For the Tribeca Film Festival 2023, we wanted to offer an exclusive event to our Film Fatales members who were nominated. Tribeca itself is a big name to be working with, and we wanted to make sure that Film Fatals secured a presence at the event every year in order to educate more filmmakers about our organization.

Creative Strategy

My strategy for the Tribeca Industry Cocktail Event was to promote the event as much as possible utilizing as many media options as I could. The event presented several hurdles to conquer. First, the event space was very small, so I had to work with a strict capacity limit. Next, the event was labeled as private, meaning non-members were not allowed to attend. In order to make the event as desirable as possible, I had to be very careful about the language I used in regard to who and how many people could attend. Overall, we received positive feedback and created a lot of interest from new filmmakers on the scene. Even better, my team and I created an awesome networking event for future artists in the industry!

Analytic Results

Tribeca Industry Cocktail Event - Invite
June 11th Tribeca Industry Cocktail Event Post - Reach
"Pre-Post" to Engage People Regarding Upcoming Tribeca Film Festival
May 13th Engagement "Pre-Post" - Reach

Overall, the event was extremely successful and the collaboration with Tribeca was amazing. Also, since the event capacity was so small, we had a huge increase of filmmakers applying to become members. Over 100 new applications were submitted!


Even though we had limited capacity for the event (40 people max), we still had huge interaction with our posts!

  • Over 4,000 impressions with the posts

  • 300 of these individuals were non-followers, which means new faces

  • Engagement rates went up by over 4%