Finding Funding Campaign - Case Study

Finding Funding Campaign

One of the main pillars that supports our foundation at Film Fatales, is the area of film industry education. We as an organization strive to uplift artists and provide them with as much advice as we possibly can. During this overwhelming time, we wanted to provide a workshop to discuss ways to help fund feature films. At times, finding an equitable amount of money to fund a film can feel overwhelming. In return, we gathered up some amazing Film Fatales members/associates and came up with an amazing funding panel!

Campaign Creative Strategy

Knowing how hard it is to find funding as an artist, I knew we had to get this event out to the masses. I obtained quotes from our panelists (Mollye, Apoorva, Tiffany, and Ruth) and requested that our team create graphics through photoshop to post in addition to our main event campaign. These panelists were selected for this event not only for their knowledge, but also their high level of status in the film industry (meaning they have a strong following/fan base to connect to). I also reached out to our event partners (who I promote on our end as well) and made sure they were equally promoting our event. As always, I made sure to use the most relevant hashtags that would engage with people from all aspects of the industry.

Analytic Results

Finding Funding Campaign Invite Post
May 14th Finding Funding Campaign Post - Overall Profile Activity
May 14th Finding Funding Campaign Post - Post Interactions
May 14th Finding Funding Campaign Post - Reach

Our Finding Funding Campaign post truly gathered an amazing crowd! We had a surplus of people sign up for the event and gained an abundance of profile views, followers, and new memberships.


  • Over 200 profile visits from this event post alone.

  • 943 accounts engaged with our content and over 1,000 interacted with the post.

  • Last but not least, over 8,000 accounts were reached. Even bigger than that, we had over 11,000 impressions with this content!